About Us


What started as a mission for a healthier alternative to smoking has quickly evolved into a movement that stretches worldwide. Rebels and Kings represents an unparalleled lineup of exquisite flavors, as well as an image with passion and drive. We have come together to create flavors that are unforgettable while striving to bring a unique appeal to every individual. More than a lifestyle, Rebels and Kings is a movement made up by all of our supporters and driven by excellence.
Crafted by Rebels, Fit for Kings.


A Brand manufactured by Rebels, enjoyed by Kings. More than just a brand, Rebels & Kings is a community of aficionados with the love for e-liquids & Rebel Culture. A Brand Created by the people, for the people.

We're so proud to present and share this culture with everyone. Rebels & Kings was created to embrace the vaping community as a whole, undivided group of individuals ready to conquer on the world.



Every flavor from our line, starts with premium, USP grade Vegetable Glycerin. Being the main component in e-liquid, we set out to attain only the best VG available.



Extracts are essential to every e-liquid flavor. Rebels & Kings is handcrafted with only the best US made extracts. RK even set out to make proprietary extracts just for their e-liquid.



Our nicotine is extracted from some of the finest ingredients in the US. USP kosher grade nicotine that is VG based adds great flavor to all our blends of flavors



We take no shortcuts to creating and manufacturing some of the best blends of e-liquids on the planet.  Our skilled flavorists knows exactly what it takes to create delicious flavors for our culture. Coming down to blend ratios, after strenuous flavor testing, our flavorists produces only the best flavors ready for your palette.